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Can I Put Ice Cubes in the Yocan Pillar?

Discussion in 'Vapesourcing.com' started by yocanvape, May 4, 2023.

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    The hot summer has arrived, and it is customary to use electric dab rig in countries all over the world. The latest Yocan Pillar launched in 2023 is very popular with everyone. Some comments on Yocan Tech's official website say that adding ice cubes to Yocan Pillar will give it a better taste.
    The following content will explain in detail whether ice cubes can be added to the Yocan Pillar e-rig.
    The first answer is that it is not recommended to add ice cubes to the glass bubbler when you are using the Yocan Pillar e-rig. Because when you are using Yocan Pillar, the fuselage base is powered by battery to heat the concentrate and generate steam. During this process, the temperature at the bottom of the Pillar electric dab rig vaporizer will be very high. If ice is added to the glass bubbler, alternating hot and cold will increase the risk of the Yocan Pillar bubbler cracking. So adding ice cubes to Yocan Pillar is not recommended.
    Secondly, although adding ice cubes can make the steam taste cooler, it is considered from a health point of view. Such an approach is not friendly to the lungs of marijuana smokers and will cause strong irritation to the lungs.
    Usually when using the Yocan Tech Pillar e-rig it is recommended to add cold water to the aerator. If you want to change the flavor and customize the taste, you can replace the cold water with other drinks, such as: red wine, sparkling water, orange juice. For the sake of safety, it is best not to put liquids with large temperature differences such as ice cubes.
    The above content is a brief introduction about whether ice cubes can be added when using Yocan Pillar electric dab rig. Hope to be of help to you. There are two days left in the last 420 Giveaway event, don't forget to complete the tasks that can be completed every day in the last few days to get extra points. Participate actively and win prizes.
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