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Vapor Bar House Line is in! $13 per 30ml 2016-09-24

$13 e-liquid tastes more like a $25

  1. Matt Ramage
    We just launched our house line at The Vapor Bar in Dundas ON. Were pretty proud of the flavours as well as the price. With juice companies getting more expensive we wanted to do a premium line that doesn't hurt the wallet.


    Peanut Butter & Blam - Creamy Peanut Butter
    Blurred Limes - Key Lime Greek Yogurt
    The New Black - Tangerine, Apple, Kiwi w/ Whipped Cream
    Game of Cones - Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
    Tough Cookies - Double Stuffed Creamy Oreo Cookie
    Mint to Be - A simple vanilla menthol
    Red Dart - Tobacco similar to that Red, White, & Gold Pack
    Blue Dart - Tobacco similar to that Blue and White pack.